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Date last updated:  02 May 2021

Version 2 -  21 Jan 2021 - Latest extracts from Sri Lanka Tourism Operational Guidelines with Health Protocols - Full report (here)

01. Pre-entry requirement

1.1 Tour booking

1.1.1. A prior booking of the tour package should be done online or via SLTDA registered travel agency.
1.1.2. No minimum number of days required for a stay, but all touirsts must stay at only Level 1 SLTDA registered and ‘Safe & Secure’ certified establishments for the first 14 days of their stay.
1.1.3. The accommodation service providers, travel agents and/or tour operators should share accommodation and tour details of tourists with the SLTDA.
1.1.4. No restrictive quaramtine is required, but tourists will be requested to cooperate with minimum movements inside the first hotel of stay until the on arrtival PCR test result is released. (On arrival PCR test will be condcuted at your first hotel of stay)
1.1.5. If the first PCR test is negative, all facilities of the hotel will be available to the guests.
1.1.6. Tourists are not permitted to move outisde the hotel for a period of up to 14 days, except for approved tourist sites by the COVID task force in consultation with the Ministry of Health under a bio secutiy bubble. (Provided on arrival PCR test result is negative)
1.1.7. Currently no exception would be made for vaccinations taken and safety protocols should be adhered by all tourists.

1.2 Visa procedures :

1.2.1. The “Visa Free” status and the issuance of “On Arrival” visas are suspended until further notice.
1.2.2. All tourists entering Sri Lanka are required to obtain online tourist visas before arrival and Sri Lanka tourism mobile app is incorporated into the online visa application form; Sri Lanka tourism mobile app is made available on both the Play store and the Appstore.
1.2.3. The standard online tourist visa fee will be applicable and visas will be issued for 3 months.

1.2.4. The following are mandatory for processing online tourist visa;

1.2.4. The following are mandatory for processing online tourist visa; COVID-19 insurance policy purchased through Sri Lanka tourism mobile app at a premuim of USD 12 (covering USD 50,000 for a period of 1 month and can extend upto 90 days with an additional payment). All tourists will have to obtain a travel insurance with health and hospitalization coverage for the entire duration of stay to cover standard health risks other than COVID-19. A valid return air ticket. Payment for PCR tests (USD 40 per test) depending on the number of days of stay. Pre confirmed hotel bookings at one or more Level 1 SLTDA registered and ‘Safe & Secure’ certified accommodation establishments for the first 14 days of stay.

Our services

  • Free Covid-19 tested driver - We arrange you a driver with Covid-19 PCR test done within 24 hrs to your pick up - only available for pre-plan 14 days or more tours.
  • Arrange a mobile PCR testing unit to your accommodation9s)
  • We look after A-Z stuff with Gov Covid-19 protocols when you reserve a tours with us.

About PCR Tests

  • 96 hours before departure -  Any Airline operating flights to Sri Lanka will check tourists for valid visas and negative PCR test report taken 96 hours before departure for allowing them to board the flight.
  • First test after check-in to the room
  • Second PCR Test -
    • If stay is less than 5 days - no exit PCR required
    • If stay is between 5-14 days – perform the PCR depending on the date of departure (i.e. 24-48 hours before departure)
    • If stay is more than 14 days – perform PCR on 11-14th day of arrival. Upon negative results for both PCRs travelers are allowed to leave the bio-bubble and the respective L1 hotel doctor will issue a discharge document upon verifying the PCR test results
  • Your departure flight and next destination may require PCR test results ready

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