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Date last updated:  19 Jan 2021

Draft proposal by Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority on 4th May 2020

01. Pre-entry requirement

1.1 Tour booking

i. A prior booking of the tour package to be done online or via SLTDA
registered travel agency.
ii. A prior confirmed booking in a SLTDA registered and COVID certified
hotel or hotels is compulsory.

1.2 Visa procedures :

i. A confirmed pre-booking in SLTDA registered and COVID certified hotel or
hotels is a pre-requisite for the Visa.
ii. Submission of Health Insurance and tour booking details is Compulsory for
the visa process.
iii. Availability of a valid Return air ticket is also a requirement for visa
iv. On-arrival visas will not be issued until an official announcement is made by
the government of Sri Lanka in this regard.
v. All tourist and business visas to be five year multiple entry with maximum
tenor of 6 months for each entry
vi. Current visa free countries also to follow the tour booking procedures stated
above as well as the country entry requirements.

1.3 Country Entry requirement

i. Negative PCR report or positive anti body test report taken two weeks prior
to landing in Sri Lanka to be uploaded with the visa application or produced
at the Colombo Airport on arrival.

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Tourists’ Entry at the Airport

2.1 Airport arrival place

i. Disinfection procedures to be in place for body, luggage and travel
ii. The tourists’ first entry place should have processes in place to check
temperature and look out for guests with respiratory symptoms such as
cough or runny nose or shortness of breath upon arrival.
iii. PCR Test or Rapid test to be done on arrival at the Airport in Sri Lanka.
iv. The tourists/passengers/airport staff to maintain a minimum distance of one
meter at all times.
v. The tourists/passengers/airport staff to wear face masks and use hand
sanitizer frequently at the airport.

About PCR Tests

  • PCR test 78 hrs prior landing in Sri Lanka
  • First test at the airport
  • Second test 5 days after arrival
  • Third test 12 days after arrival
  • Your departure flight and next destination may require PCR test result ready

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