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Our buses and trains lets you to get sweaty and sticky with full of comfort in your mind. And it is get trendier too ... This page brings everything you want to know about travelling using public transportation in Sri Lanka. It is much harder to get the information on bus and train schedules and they are not always punctual.

Very basic trick in travelling using public transport, we think, is to know how to use a Tuk Tuk for short journeys. Our advice is to always agree on the price before starting the journey. And use your own phone to contact your accommodation provider to ask the directions.

National per Km Tuk Tuk price is 60 LKR for the first Km, 50 LKR from second KM.

Other options, rent a car with a driver or without a driver or domestic flights.

Call us on 077 6767 997 or 071 8890 600.

An ethical traveler will always avoid paying alien entities for their services. Uber, Priceline Group, Booking.com,TripAdvisor are only some of them.

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