Entry Visa & Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Date last updated:  02 Nov 2023

Entry Visa requirments and fees


1. Reservations

1.1. Reservations : Reservations are made on website, via e-mail or by phone (+94 77 6767 997 / +94 71 8890 600).
1.2. Price (Govt Tax & VAT included) : Price includes all Gov taxes and VAT  [16% cumulative (1% TDL (Tourism Development Levy + 15% VAT)].
1.3. Validity of rates : The given rate are subject to change without prior notice due to unexpected tax increases, hotel price increases, room unavailability exchange rate fluctuations & so on.
1.4. Validity of terms and conditions : Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
1.5. Exchange rate : Exchange is calculated to faour us. Latest exchange rates, http://www.cbsl.gov.lk/htm/english/_cei/er/e_1.asp
1.6. Card Payment : VISA & Master cards could be used at our office near BI Airport with a 3.5% of merchant fee.
1.7. Online Gateway : PayHere provides us with online payment gateway.

2. Payments

2.1. Full payment is mandatory to secure online reservations.
2.2. Receivement of a 30%, from the total payment, as an advance payment, is mandatory to secure offline reservations. (Manual Payment Processing page)
2.3. For some reservations, accommodations, charter flights and yachts, the full payment has to be settled 30 days prior to receiving respective services.
2.4. Full payment had to be settled prior receiving any of our services.

3. Bank details 

Bank 1 - Manual transactions
Account name : Cross Country Travels
Account number : 1000143865
Bank name : Commercial Bank Sri Lanka
Branch location : Minuwangoda
Swift code : CCEYLKLX
Bank code : 7056
Branch code : 33

4. Cancellations

4.1. The customer may cancel or postpone any of our services reserved at any time.

4.2. Rooms
4.2.1. No cancellation fee - 21 Days & above check-in. Our administrative fee might apply.
4.2.2. 50% cancellation on the basis booked - 15 to 20 Days before check-in.
4.2.3. 100% cancellation on the basis booked - 14 Days before check-in and & No Show.

4.3. Yachts and boats - Reserved on sharing basis
4.3.1. 100 % cancellation on the basis booked -  Within 24 hours before the departure & No Show.

4.4. Yachts - Reserved on private basis (few hours to overnight rentals)
4.4.1. No cancellation fee - 91 Days & above. Our administrative fee might apply.
4.4.2. 50% cancellation on the basis booked - 90 to 60 days before departure.
4.4.3. 75% cancellation on the basis booked - 59 to 30 days before departure.
4.4.4. 100 % cancellation on the basis booked - 29 days before departure & No Show.

4.5. Domestic Flights & Helicopters : 100% cancellation on the basis booked - Since the reservation is confirmed.

5. Refund

5.1. Refund amount will be determined after reducing third party's and our costs.

6. Vehicle with driver

6.1. Number of Kms per day : 100 Kms.
6.2. Fuel : Included.
6.3. Tariff : Tariff will apply for each additional Km driven. Find our on here.
6.4. Driving time : Usual driving time is between 0700 AM to 1800 PM.
6.5. Detention fee : Usual per hour detention fees are 3 USD for a TUK TUK and for a Budget car and 5 USD for a Saloon car and for a 12 Seater van.
6.6. Highway & parking fees : Shall be born by the client. Find our on here.
6.7. Driver and helper accommodation : 11 USD per person (a helper is accompanied with coaches more than 15 seater) per day, if such arrangement is not met with your accommodation.
6.8. Night out bata : 5 USD per person per night.
6.9. Insurance : All vehicles are comprehensively insured to cover passengers, driver and vehicle and for a third party damage.
6.10. Personal injury and accidental death coverage : Personal insurance coverage does not exceed 500,000 LKR per person.

7. Self-driven vehicles

7.1. Refundable deposit:
Scooter - LKR 25,000
Tuk Tuk - LKR 40,000
Standard car - LKR 50,000
Luxury car - LKR 70,000
Luxury off-road drive - LKR 100,000

7.2 Collecting point :
13.2.1. At a place you desire. The relevant expense to bring the vehicle to you is born out of you.
13.2.2. At our office - Map.

7.3. Collecting time : Between 9.00 AM and after 5.00 PM - or just ask us to make our self available to you.
7.4. Returning time : Returned before 8 AM. Otherwise calculated as another day.
7.5. You shall produce :
7.5.1. Copy of national identity card or passport.
7.5.2. Copy of international or national driving license.
7.5.3. Customer's permanent address and land line number (local or foreign).
7.5.4. Another reference land line number (local or foreign) - all numbers shall be land line numbers, mobile numbers are not being accepted as references.
7.5.5. Customer's itinerary - where the vehicle is kept each night.

7.6. Number of Kms per day : 100 Kms.
7.7. Fuel : Not included.
7.8. Tariff : Tariff will apply for each additional Km driven. Find our on here.
7.9. Day calculation : The day is calculated on calendar day basis and not on 24 hour cycle.
7.10. Month : Month is counted for 28 days from the contract is signed.
7.11.Mileage calculation : Mileage is calculated from yard to yard basis.
7.12. Fuel calculation : Tank full of fuel given and received.
7.13.Meeting an accident : Depending on the severity of accident, the local police shall record the incident and the vehicle insurer shall approach the accident site for initial assessment.
7.14. Replacing the vehicle : If needed, the vehicle will be replaced as soon as possible.
7.15. Customer's liability : The accident liability is limited to refundable deposit value.
7.16. Personal injury and accidental death coverage : Personal insurance coverage does not exceed 500,000 LKR per person.
7.17. Contract : here.

8. Airport Chargers

8.1. Airport VIP Lounge : 80 USD
8.2. Parking fee : Car 300 LKR  / Van & SUV - 500 LKR  / Coach - 700 LKR
8.3. Porch entrance fee : 200 LKR
8.4. Paging fee : 100 LKR.

9. Accommodations

9.1. Room Availability
9.1.1. The customer may ask Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka to check availability of room at any time at any accommodations.
9.1.2. Be aware that the room, which was available in this minute, may not be available in next minute.

9.2. Reservation
9.2.1. The room is reserved without receiving any payment if the reservation is made 26 days prior to the check-in date. Ex - Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka reserves a room one year in advance without any payment.
9.2.2. For a room, which is reserved within 25 days to the check-in date, the payment shall be materialised as mentioned in ' Payments' above. Ex - Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka does not reserve any room without receiving payment if the request is made within 25 days to the check-in date.
9.2.3.  Any previous reservation, which the payment was not materialised on 25th day or before, prior to the check-in date, is cancelled automatically.

9.3. Room Unavailability
9.3.1. When the agreed room is not available, but when there is still time available, Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka is obliged to consult the customer first before replacing the agreed room to another room.
9.3.2. However, as the last resort, when there is no time available, Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka always reserve the right to replace the room with a fair room at same accommodation or at different accommodation.
9.3.3. Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka is obliged to inform you with final amendments promptly.

10. Domestic flights & Helicopters

10.1. Service providers : Our domestic carrier service is a partnering effort with few different carrier providers.
10.2. Flying destinations : There are a dozen of runways including water aerodrome and about 200 established helipads in the island.
10.3. Flying carriers : Click here.
10.4. Flying start time and end time : All domestic commercial flights are operated between 0630 hrs and 1800 hrs.
10.5. Seating capacity :
Click here.
10.6. Weather conditions : All our flights are subjected to weather conditions.
10.7. Particular restrictions : Conditions of runways and cloudy weather conditions of Nuwara Eliya and Castlereagh impose restrictions to carriers' seating capacity and flight starting and end times.
10.8. Tickets : Shall only be valid for the date, destination, and passenger(s) specified thereon and all tickets are non-refundable.
10.9. Maximum weight : Each carrier has particular weight restrictions.
10.10. Hand carrying luggage : 5 kg and further restricted by dimensions.
10.11. Baggage allowance : Will be determined upon carrier's capacity.
10.12. Insurance : All our service providers are insured.
10.13. Liability : Particular flying carrier and us reserve the right to delay, extend, reschedule or cancel a flight for operational reasons - bad weather, VVIP movements or other similar situations beyond the immediate control of the carrier. Particular flying carrier and us shall not, in any circumstances whatsoever, be liable or responsible in respect to any inaccuracy, mis-description, detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness, additional expenses or injury, and of whatever kind occurring to any passenger, property, or baggage at any time.
10.14. Indemnity Form - Only Sri Lankan Air force flight carries require civil passengers to sign "indemnity form" at the respective Airport prior to departure.
10.15. Further terms and conditions may apply.

11. Quotations

11.1. The quotation provided to the customer by Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka is just an quotation - a snapshot indication of cost at particular time for a particular time.

12. Responsibility

12.1. Cross Country Travel Sri Lanka is directly responsible to its customer for the services sold online and offline.
12.2. Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka always take utmost effort to guarantee services quality with all third party service providers.
12.3. However, the ultimately responsibility, in any failure to deliver as such, lies at the hands of service providers.

13. Tipping

13.1. Tipping : Tipping service providers is entirely up to the customer. Usually it is 10%.