Summer Holidays

This page brings all of our summer - May to September - itineraries together.

In the summer eastern coast from Arugam Bay to Trincomalee and beyond is the perfect beach destinations.  The ideal sea condition for holiday making happens from mid June to end of August. The latter is the best period for underwater photography. Generally speaking this is the best period for beach holidays in eastern coasts. Surfing, Snorkelling, diving, sailing trips are all done in this season along the eastern coast.

Traditionally, the heaviest rainy season in the island, southwest monsoon, starts in April. This monsoon rains are experience at any times of the day and night, sometimes intermittently mainly in the Southwestern part of the country. Amount of rainfall during this season varies from about 100 mm to over 3000 mm. The highest rainfall received in the mid-elevations of the western slops (Ginigathhena- 3267 mm, Watawala- 3252 mm and Norton- 3121 mm). That means this rain water rushes to the Southwestern coasts, making the western coastal areas rouge.

After all, the Island's inner is always full of wonders throughout the year.

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