Volunteering Opportunities

We bring few volunteering programs together on this page.

We are coordinating with few parties to bring these fun and meaningful volunteering opportunities to you. We happen to known most of the hosts for ages. We have been in these places and we know what kind of works-a-lot goes into making these volunteering programs happen. 

Organic farming project is set in very rural country side where wild beasts too are roaming around. 

Some of the programs have been created from scratch, for example Chinese language program. Since we are dead serious about offering our volunteers something valuable in return, this program coordinates with one of the best universities in Sri Lanka. 

Some are fascinated about tea as a refreshing drink and cinnamon as a fragrant spice. These are Sri Lanka's signature crops. The volunteering opportunities in these tea estates and cinnamon estates hands to hands with local labors would be a life changing and eye openers. The volunteers will of cause make life long friends and learn valuables to their own lives.  

Most of our programs could be extended up-to 3 or 6 months. 

A certificate will be issued at successful completion of program.

An ethical traveler will always avoid paying alien entities for their services. Uber, Priceline Group, Booking.com,TripAdvisor are only some of them.

Organic Farming 


Chinese Language Teaching