Scheduled Flights from Castlereagh NUF Airport

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Reserve your domestic flights from Castlereagh NUF Airport to all available destinations. Visit each relevant destination pages to find all other transportation modes and flying options available. The time schedules are displayed below. * Please contact us if dates have not being updated. (Updated on 09 July 2019)

Approximate Flying Duration & Route Map of Castlereagh NUF Airport

Flight Duration and Routes - Castlereagh

The Airstrip in local map

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Date range*

Castlereagh NUF Airport to

Stop overs



01 November 2019 – 30 April 2020

Koggala (KCT)




01 November 2019 – 30 April 2020

Hambantota (HRI)

Koggala (KCT)



Terms and Conditions

1. Tickets shall only be valid for the date, destination and Passenger specified thereon.
2. All tickets are non- refundable.
3. Check in will be 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The Passenger is responsible for ensuring that all travel documents including a valid ticket and passport and/or National Identity Card required to identify the Passenger are available at the time of check in.
4. Checked - in Baggage – The checked-in baggage allowance is 23kg per passenger.
5. Carry - on Baggage – The Passenger may take aboard one carry–on bag with a maximum weight of 5kg.
6. Excess Baggage – An excess baggage rate of US$ 15.00 per kg will be charged for baggage exceeding the regular allowance of 23 kg.
7. Infants - We are unable to accommodate Infants within fifteen days of birth for carriage for health and safety reasons.
8. Infant policy - 20% of the adult fare is payable by any Passenger with an infant who is between the ages fifteen (15) days to two (02) years old and such infant will be allocated the same seat as the parent/guardian.
9. Passengers who are more than one hundred and ten (110) kgs of physical weight are required to pay for two (2) seats on the airfares or rates.
10. Fares must be paid in full when a booking is made. In the event that the fare has not been paid in full when a booking is confirmed for any reason whatsoever, the Airline reserves the right to cancel the booking prior to check-in and/or to disallow the Passenger to board the aircraft. 

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