Whale Watching in Mirissa – Shared Luxury Yacht For 7 hrs

On this page you could reserve a space on luxury yacht to watch whales off the coast of Mirissa.
The price is all inclusive including wildlife entrance fee & harbour fee.
A fresh breakfast & a snack is served for lunch on-board. After enjoying whales, the yacht heads towards to a lovely secluded setting to enjoy swimming and snorkelling.
(updated on : 11 Jan 2024)

Whale Watching From Air In Mirissa
Sailing Sri Lanka
Whales & Dolphins Watching
Sailing Sri Lanka
Whales & Dolphins Watching
Whales & Dolphins Watching
Whales Sri Lanka
Whales & Dolphins Watching
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The yacht will be decided by us on availability. Find more details about our yachts 1, 2, & 3. Have a look at other boating options too here.

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About this shared luxury whale watching yacht

Best season : October to May
Available : Daily
Arranging time needed : 2 days
Hottest month :

Starting point : Mirissa fishery harbour
Activity starting time : 6.15 AM
Finishing time : 1.30 PM
Excursion time : Upto 7 hrs
Maximum onboard : 20

General & specific restrictions : Do not touch corals please / Be a responsible and ethical snorkeler and diver / Do not leave plastics behind / Please do not feed wild animals.

Price includes : Private modern yacht / Wildlife entrance ticket / Mirissa harbour fee / Freshly cooked breakfast / Snack for lunch / Water / Snorkelling gear / Stand up paddling (SUP) board / Water / All Gov taxes.

Not included : Fishing gears

Child price : Aged 3 - 12 is considered a child

Feedback us : Our drivers and service providers are advised not to promote any other activities or nudge you for shopping. Please leave your feedback on Google.

Optional : Fishing rods and lures / A well-spoken local animal expert / historian could be arranged with an additional fee.

You may bring : Hat and sun glass / Sun cream / Camera

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