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Reserve your Tuk Tuk here. Unlimited Kms!
Free driving lessons & unlimited kms & full insurance coverage provided. Our phone charging bays & coffee table are also come within the service if you visit our office near the Airport.
Your Tuk Tuk can be picked-up and return in anywhere in the island – conditions applies.
Further 5% discounts for direct bank transfers & cash payments.
(updated on 17 Jan 2024)

Limited Km Option

  • 10 USD per day
  • 100 Kms per day
  • 100 LKR tariff applies

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How to apply for an international
driving permit in Sri Lanka

Who need one?

  1. Any foreign driving license holder who does not hold an international driving permit.
  2. Even if you have an international driving permit but your international driving license is issued by a NON-MEMBER state to Vienna Convention.

Who does not need one?

  1. A foreign driving license holder who already hold an international driving permit, issued by a MEMBER state of Vienna Convention.

Issuing authorities in Sri Lanka

  1. Department of Motor Traffic and Automobile Association of Ceylon.

Relevant fees

  • Contact us to find latest fee structure

How to apply via Automobile Association of Ceylon

  • Produce your original driving license (in person or through us or any third party) to the AA Association with a color photo of passport size and a copy of your passport information.
    • AA Association provides you with a three months valid driving permit.

Relevant fees

  • AA Association fee - 4,000, LKR per permit. (updated on 17 Jan 2024)
  • Our administrative fee - 5,000 LKR for the first permit & 2,000 LKR for each additional permit.

Terms & Conditions

Refundable deposit:
Tuk Tuk - LKR 40,000

Collecting point :
1. At a place you desire - the relevant expenses are to be born out of you.
2. At our office - Map.

Collecting time : Between 9.00 AM and after 5.00 PM - or just ask us to make our self available to you.
Returning time : Returned before 8 AM. Otherwise calculated as another day.

You shall produce :
1. Copy of national identity card or passport.
2. Copy of international or national driving license.
3. Customer's permanent address and land line number (local or foreign).
4. Another reference land line number (local or foreign) - all numbers shall be land line numbers, mobile numbers are not being accepted as references.
5. Customer's itinerary - where the vehicle is kept each night.

Number of Kms per day : Unlimited
Fuel : Not included.
Tariff : Tariff will NOT apply for this unlimited offer. Find out about our tariffs on here.
Day calculation : The day is calculated on calendar day basis and not on 24 hour cycle.
Month : Month is counted for 28 days from the contract is signed.
Fuel calculation : Tank full of fuel given and received.
Meeting an accident : Depending on the severity of accident, the local police shall record the incident and the vehicle insurer shall approach the accident site for an initial assessment.
Replacing the vehicle : If needed, the vehicle will be replaced as soon as possible.
Customer's liability : The accident liability is limited to refundable deposit value.
Personal injury and accidental death coverage : Personal insurance coverage does not exceed 500,000 LKR per person.
Contract : here.

Visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Few examples - Kms driven

  1. Snorkeling with whales – 7 Days - 1028 Kms
  2. Best in One Week – 7 Days - 1011 Kms
  3. For the Young – 15 Days - 1844 Kms

1 review for Reserve a Tuk Tuk – Unlimited Kms

  1. Thomas Ask

    Thank you for best rental. We had the TUK TUK for a week and had no problems !!!

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