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We have a fleet of vehicle for self-driving. See the gallery bellow.  Go through them and reserve one before you arrive in the island. The day price is calculated on minimum 100 Kms driven basis. The exact payment amount will be settled reflecting the number of additional Kms driven at return. (updated on 12 Nov 2019)

How to apply for an international driving permit in Sri Lanka.

Who need one?

  1. Any foreign driving license holder who does not hold an international driving permit.
  2. Even if you have an international driving permit but your international driving license is issued by a NON-MEMBER state to Vienna Convention.

Who does not need one?

  1. A foreign driving license holder who already hold an international driving permit, issued by a MEMBER state of Vienna Convention.

Issuing authorities in Sri Lanka

  1. Department of Motor Traffic and Automobile Association of Ceylon.

How to apply via Department of Motor Traffic 

  1. Only light vehicle license can be obtained under this system.
  2. The foreign driving license which is valid for the conversion date (Provisional driving licenses or learner permits are not accepted)
  3. If the applicant is a foreign national, the applicant having valid visa for more than 06 months period are eligible for applying a Sri Lankan driving license while other having a valid visa for less than six months will only be issued with a temporary driving license.
  4. If the Driving license and the passport are not in English, the English translations of those two documents, done by the relevant Embassy/Mission.
  5. Medical fitness certificate obtained from the National Transport Medical Institute, within a period of six months.
  6. The letter of acknowledgement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the event of a person in the foreign Diplomatic service.
  7. The passport with the National Identity Card Number on it, in the event of a Sri Lankan or a holder of dual citizenship.

Relevant fees

How to apply via Automobile Association of Ceylon

  • Produce your original driving license (in person or through us or any third party) to the AA Association with a color photo of passport size and a copy of your passport information.
    • AA Association provides you with a three months valid driving permit.

Relevant fees

  • AA Association fee - 4,000, LKR per permit. (updated on 19 Jan 2020)
  • Our administrative fee - 5,000 LKR per permit.

Relevant laws

The art. 132B of Sri Lankan motor traffic act stipulates that "a person who is a bonfire visitor to Sri Lanka and who possesses a valid International Driving Permit issued by any of the Contracting States to, or the States or Territories that have acceded to the Vienna Convention of eighth November One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty Eight, shall be deemed to possess a driving licences issued under the provisions of this Act and to be authorised to drive the class or classes of vehicles specified in the driving permit:

Provided that— (a) the Permit is valid within the meaning of Article 41 (now 43) of the Vienna Convention of 1968; (b) the holder carries such permit while driving in Sri Lanka and produces it on demand by a police officer or Examiner of Motor Vehicles for inspection; and (c) the holder fulfills in all respects the conditions set out in Article 41 (now 43)  of the Vienna Convention of 1968."

The article of 43 in Vienna Convention stipulates that "2. (a) Contracting Parties shall recognize: (ii) Any international permit conforming to the provisions of Annex 7 to this Convention, on condition that it is presented with the corresponding domestic driving permit, as valid for driving in their territories a vehicle coming within the categories covered by the permits, provided that the permits are still valid and that they were issued by another Contracting Party or subdivision thereof or by an association duly empowered thereto by such other Contracting Party or one of its subdivisions;"

Contact Sri Lanka Police headquarters

  • Emergency : 119
  • IG's help desk +94 11 2444480  / +94 11 2444483
  • Police headquarters : +94 11 2421111

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Available Vehicles


Per excess Km - 12 LKR

Tuk TukTuk Tuk

Per excess Km - 14 LKR

Budget Car
Rent a car Sri Lanka

Per excess Km - 30 LKR

Saloon Car
Rent a car Sri Lanka

Per excess Km - 57 LKR

Luxury Saloon Car

Per excess Km - 62 LKR

7 Seater Van

6 Seater Van

Per excess Km - 53 LKR

Compact SUV
Rent a car Sri Lanka

Per excess Km - 53 LKR

SUV (Land Cruiser)

Land CruiserPer excess Km - 180 LKR

Few examples - Kms driven

  1. Snorkeling with whales – 7 Days - 1028 Kms
  2. Best in One Week – 7 Days - 1011 Kms
  3. For the Young – 15 Days - 1844 Kms


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